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Dermapen® in Biloxi, MS

Dr. Miller and Apogee Plastic Surgery offer micro-needling via Dermapen® treatments to the residents of Biloxi, Gulfport, Pascagoula, Hattiesburg, Long Beach, Ocean Springs, and the surrounding Mississippi communities.

Dermapen® in Biloxi, MS

Melissa New, our Licensed Aesthetician, administers the Dermapen® treatment at Apogee Plastic Surgery, a cutting-edge approach to skin resurfacing. The Dermapen®, also known as CIT, Collagen Induction Therapy, is an FDA-approved device that looks like a pen. The device employs a series of tiny needles which pierce the skin’s surface to trigger collagen production, leading to more rejuvenated-looking skin.

This micro-needling procedure can help those looking to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, lines, wrinkles and scars. Dermapen® treatments have also proven useful in diminishing the appearance of pores. Dermapen creates tiny wound patterns that break down old collagen chains while activating the healing process. This healing process is what smoothes out any wrinkles, stretch marks or scars.

Dermapen® in Biloxi, MS

Dermapen® may be used on various parts of the body and face because the device uses disposable needles that can be adjusted to a variety of penetration depths. The healing process starts immediately following treatment; most patients see results within four weeks.

How does Dermapen® work?

As the Dermapen® moves along the skin, it produces small punctures, weakening old collagen chains. The body responds by generating new elastin and collagen to promote healing. During the treatment, a growth factor product is used to stimulate collagen production to give you even better results!

How does Dermapen® treat wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars?

This skin needling method uses the skin’s own ability to repair itself after sustaining injury. When the skin is subjected to any kind of damage, it immediately begins eradicating the injured tissue and replacing it with a new layer of skin. Dermapen® damages the skin in designated areas, promoting the growth of new collagen without leaving scars.

When will I see results from Dermapen®, and what can I expect after my treatment?

Dermapen® in Biloxi, MSThe healing process is different for everyone, but the majority of Dr. Miller’s patients have seen results within a week. Patients may observe redness at the treatment site immediately following the procedure. Some patients have experienced a small amount of bleeding, depending on how deep the needles penetrated the skin during treatment, but these cases are rare. The skin can appear much smoother and healthier even after a light treatment.

How is Dermapen’s micro-needling different from other techniques?

Before Dermapen®, skin needling was accomplished through the use of a roller with a series of needles positioned across an applicator. This method was problematic because the rolling motion caused unintended damage to the skin. The needles yanked the skin each time the roller passed over its surface. The Dermapen® is different because its applicator is vertical, which reduces unwanted damage. The applicator only moves up and down, and this motion allows for faster recovery. Dr. Miller’s patients have found the Dermapen® procedure to be a more comfortable experience than the old roller method. The Dermapen’s small size is particularly useful for treating tight or round areas that can be difficult to treat with a roller, such as the portion of skin above the upper lip or around the chin.

How does a Dermapen® treatment feel?

Once our Licensed Aesthetician determines the depth of treatment needed to address the problem, numbing creams may be applied to the skin to help the patient feel more comfortable throughout the procedure. Depending on the condition of the skin, the Dermapen® applicator may be modified to a length of .5mm to 2.5mm. Patients who have had Dermapen® treatments administered with the shorter needle lengths have said it feels like a slight tickle. For patients requiring a greater needle depth during their procedure, a numbing cream is recommended.

How many Dermapen® treatments are needed?

Skin conditions vary from person to person, and each case will call for different treatment levels. Individuals who have minimal lines and wrinkles could see results after a single treatment. Those who have more serious skin issues such as acne scars may need to undergo more than one treatment. At your consultation with our Licensed Aesthetician Melissa, you will learn more about the amount of sessions you may need. Usually those who undergo between three and five treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart, see the optimal results. Treatment sessions may span between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on which part of the body is being treated.

Is Dermapen® safe for darker skin types?

The answer is yes! Dermapen® does not use a laser that absorbs melanin, nor does it use heat to produce results, so it is suitable for people who have darker skin.

What are the immediate after-effects of a Dermapen® treatment?

You will likely observe some redness following treatment, as well as a small amount of bleeding. Dr. Miller’s aestheticians counsel patients on how to take care of their skin after treatments to promote healing. It is recommended that patients use sunscreen when they must be exposed to the sun and to avoid sunlight when possible during the healing process. Down time is quite minimal; many of Dr. Miller’s patients are back to their regular routines a day after treatment.

Dermapen® is a suitable treatment for:

  • Drooping, aged skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Lines appearing around the lips of smokers
  • Skin firming
  • Large, visible pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Acne, surgical and burn scars
  • A host of other skin imperfections

How Much Does Dermapen® Cost in Biloxi?

Your Dermapen® treatment is a very personalized procedure. Therefore, Dr. Miller’s staff will be happy to discuss Dermapen® prices with you on an individual basis.

Apogee Plastic Surgery works with CareCredit® to provide financing options for patients. Within a few hours, you can be pre-approved for your cosmetic procedure.

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Dr. John H. Miller

Dr. John H. Miller offers plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Mississippi including: Biloxi, Gulfport, Pascagoula, Hattiesburg, Long Beach, Ocean Springs, MS. Contact Dr. John H. Miller’s office today to schedule your Dermapen® Consultation!