I’ve had a procedure done previously by Dr. Miller (perfect!) and visited recently for microdermabrasion/peel and Dermapen visits with Melissa (aesthetician). Very warm, inviting feel. Very comfortable and such knowledgeable staff will definitely keep you returning! Excellent facility and staff!


Great consultation. Dr. Miller did not rush and was very good at explaining the procedure fully.


Dr. Miller was VERY informative and Mrs. Patty was amazing. I will be scheduling my procedure in a few weeks with them,


I booked my Breast Augmentation the same day as my consultation! I felt like I already knew everyone at the practice, they are so nice and friendly. I am so excited to come back for future procedures!


The environment and staff was very professional and friendly. I had a lot of questions and concerns, and they answered them as best as possible, making me feel at ease. I plan on having my procedures done here.


The doctor and nurses were very nice. They also had very good sense of humor. I look forward to having my procedure done with you all very soon. Thank you for all that you do!

W. Snider

Really enjoyed the staff and consultation!

A. Williams

I had a good experience here. Dr. Miller gave me the information and advice I need that he felt would be best for me and I trusted his advice.

A. Brown

I cannot say enough nice things about Carolyn! She was patient and kind, explained things to us, answered our questions and even stayed after normal working hours to make sure we had the information we needed and all our questions were answered! She was wonderful!!

T. Hermetz

The office staff was very friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable. I wish all doctor’s offices were like this one. I am looking at all of my options and will get back with you all when I decide what I want to do.

  • Anglea London
    Anglea London
    22:42 06 Jul 17
    tammie ladner
    tammie ladner
    14:00 21 Apr 17
    Wonderful staff and Doc.
    Etta Scott
    Etta Scott
    14:44 20 Apr 17
    Joanna Roberson
    Joanna Roberson
    04:15 20 Apr 17
    I'll start by saying I went in for a free consultation scared out of my mind! Dr. Miller and his staff made me feel so comfortable and cared for I knew he was the one I wanted to have my surgery with. Prior to visiting him I visited a different doctor and he didn't give me good vibes like Dr. Miller did. He really knows what he's doing and wants what is best for you. The day of my surgery went very smoothly, recovery went quickly as well. It has been one year and four months since I had a breast augmentation and I couldn't be more happy with my end results. My scars have healed nicely and best of all they still look like real breast! If I were asked the question "if you could go back would you do it again?" I'd say yes, yes, and yes. High five guys!
    Monica Nelson
    Monica Nelson
    22:12 19 Apr 17
    Dr. Miller is a great docter. Please listen to what he advises you to do. He's experienced and knows what he doing. He's not looking for a quick buck like some doctors. He advised me 2015 to lose some weight. In 2016, I started exercising and eating the right foods. I lost a substantial amount of weight. When I followed up Dr. Miller, he was so proud of me along with his nurse. He was glad I didn't do gastric bypass surgery. He gave me the okay for surgery. For everyone who's trying to lose weight, please don't give up. You can lose wieight on your own. I've never been a big person, but after I had three children I gained a lot of weight. I had low self esteem and 16 years of failed dieting. If you get determined to lose weight and old eating habits you will successful lose. I do not eat candy nor drinks. Drinks can bloat the stomach and add on pounds. Candy and sugary foods wil too. Eat vegetables., baked foods, drink water, and excercise daily. I wish all of you whos trying to lose weight to get surgery a successful journey. May God Bless you.
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